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RMS Insight Add-on features are custom-built to solve your most pressing CargoWise integration needs.


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Add-On Features - further extend the capabilities of your RMS Insight system with these custom configured features. Gain crirtical visibility and functionality for your customers .

Add-on Features -



Our carbon footprint calculation feature leverages the industry leading EcoTransIT engine ensuring the utmost accuracy in emission data. With no additional setup required, users can easily define specific parameters for which records should be calculated. Furthermore, our system provides comprehensive reportable values including carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, distance, mega joules, and more.



Our platform enables users to effortlessly convert any report into a TV friendly format. Users have the flexibility to define the refresh rate and rotation speed for multiple reports, ensuring up-to-date information is being presented. With support for an unlimited number of TVs, there's no constraint to the dissemination of information across the organization, eliminating the need to manually run reports and distribute them.


Real Time Air/Vessel Tracking

With RMS Insight you can conveniently view current, past, or present tracking data. The system generates comprehensive paths by combining multiple modes, whether at the consol/routes level or on a high shipment level. With the flexibility to add tracking information to custom tracking pages or dashboards, you can experience the convenience of immediate access to the location of your shipment or product.

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