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RMS Insight features are custom-built to solve your most pressing CargoWise integration needs.


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RMS Insight™ - the comprehensive solution’s standard and add-on features will provide the data visibility, Command and Control and ease of use to take your freight forwarding and logistics business to the next level –

Standard Features


RMS Insight offers the most advanced and customizable user notifications, empowering users to stay informed efficiently. Alerts can be generated independently of CargoWise One®, allowing users to merge data from different modules like Orders and Shipments. With the ability to choose the frequency and method of delivery (email, SMS, calendar invite), users can streamline their workflow and stay updated without being inundated with excessive notifications.

User Access

RMS Insight is tailored to suit organizations of any size, offering unlimited user capacity and unlimited security configurations. With these features, teams can scale up their operations without worrying about user limitations or additional costs.


Upon log in, you gain Instant access to more than 200 pre-built reports. Recognizing the uniqueness of each business and their requirements, if you don't find what you're looking for among our existing options, we are equipped to customize an existing report or develop a completely new one tailored to your needs.


We understand that reporting extends beyond numbers; it also reflects your company’s image, whether it's your internal team analyzing the data set or a customer checking the dashboard. From email addresses and domain names to color schemes, we'll customize your interface to reflect your brand identity. With the ability for each customer to have their own landing page and set of reports, you can create a personalized experience that keeps them coming back.


One single user-friendly interface provides easy access to all the following CargoWise One® Modules:

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